Industrial materials for commercial and residential applications, including: concrete lumber, guard rail, safety rolled fence, snow fence, etc.
  • I Beams

    I Beams

    Carbon steel structural beams are manufactured in two configurations. Both are constructed with a vertical web in the center of the beam, with horizontal flanges on top and bottom. The structure of the beam provides superior load-bearing support.

  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire

    Barb Wire, Barb Arms, Bases, and Razor Ribbon Tape.

  • Guard Rail

    Guard Rail

    1/2 and Full Round Buffers, Back up Plates, Beam Rails, Box Hinges, Flared Ends, and Gaurd Post Rails.

  • Rolled and Barrier Fence

    Rolled and Barrier Fence

    ALPI Rolled Safety Fence, Beacon Plus Rolled Safety Fence, Cintoflex C, D, E, M, Deer Fence, Economy Deer Fence, Farm & Game Wire Rolls, HD Vinyl Coated Welded Wire, Heavy Vinyl Steel Hex Netting Black, Nordic II & Plus Rolled Safety Fence, Sentra Security Rolls, Silt Fence, Snow Fence, Steel Web Deer Fence Black, Wind Screen Grommet, and Wind Screen Non-Grommet.