Privacy Slats

  • Color Options

    Color Options

  • Reflective Slats

    Reflective Slats

    Reflective Fence Inserts, are durable rigid plastic strips with HIGHLY REFLECTIVE abrasion resistant, weatherproof tape.

  • Aluminum Privacy Slat

    Aluminum Privacy Slat


    For that classic lattice look, turn to our Aluminum Fence Inserts.

  • Bottom Lock Privacy Slat

    Bottom Lock Privacy Slat


    The locking system is located near the top of the slats to ensure a clean, straight edge along the top of the fence; further enhancing its appearance. Fast and easy installation - no need to kneel down! Simply insert the slats vertically from top to bottom.

  • Fence Weave

    Fence Weave


    Plastic Fence Weave is an easy solution for privacy.

  • Hedge Privacy Slat

    Hedge Privacy Slat


    Permanent Hedge privacy slats create a natural hedge look on chain link fence, which requires no maintenance, water or trimming.

  • Max Slat

    Max Slat


    Maximize privacy with this slat. approximately 90 percent coverage!

    "Limited Quantities"

  • Top Lock Privacy Slat

    Top Lock Privacy Slat


    PVT (Plastic Vertical Tubing) slats are also known as Top-Lock-Slats. Top-Lock-Slats provide an economical and attractive way to enhance any chain link fence.

  • Winged Privacy Slat

    Winged Privacy Slat


    Proven quality and durability of our standard slats plus unique "wings" for extra screening and security!