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Zip-Up Underdeck - Expands Your Outdoor Living Space

What if your second story deck could also serve as a covered ground floor patio? The ingenious Zip-Up Underdeck system installs easily under the upper deck floor, creating a watertight "ceiling" for the patio...providing more space for relaxation and entertainment.
Zip-Up UnderDeck™ System has been engineered to withstand harsh environments, with built in UV protection and stain resistant guarantee for complete customer satisfaction.
It's a beautiful finish for an under deck living space or dry storage. Enjoy your second story deck like you never have before.
    •    Easy to install design saves time
    •    Superior aesthetics
    •    Impervious to water, will not stain, mold or mildew
    •    Class A fire rating
    •    Self-locating, self-leveling rail system
    •    Washable surface
All required components for assembly are shipped in boxes for easy assembly.
Assembly Components
                                 Total Pieces                                   Per Box
Panels:                       12' or 16'                                         10
Main Rail:                   12' or 16'                                         27
Wall Trim:                   12'                                                   40
Seam Trim:                12'                                                   17
Pitch Rail:                  ½" X 12'                                           18
Pitch Rail:                  1" X 12'                                              9