NMI carries a large selection for tools to make any fence installation easy.

  • Handtools

    Adjustable Wrenches, Bolt Cutters, Hack Saws, Pipe Wrenches, Pliers, Rivet Tool, Snips, and Shears.


  • Measuring Tools

    Measuring Tapes and Wheel Estimators.

  • Levels

    Magnetic Torpedo Levels.

  • Handled Tools

    Axes, Sledge Hammers, Picks, Post-Hole Diggers, Fabric Rakes, Pick Mattocks, Tamping Bars, Spud Bars, Telegraph Bars, and Most Replacement Handles.

  • Wheelbarrows

    6 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrows.

  • Tool Belts and work Gloves

    Work Gloves and Cement.